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1-847-854-8094 - Cheap Rates For Calls to Bulgaria !



Thank you for choosing Master Call Communications, Inc as your long distance company. We will help you to keep in touch with your relatives, business partners, and friends when staying at home and  in your domestic and worldwide travels, no matter how far away your are. Master Call Communications, Inc has connection points in more than 70 countries.

    We also offer our customers different programs. Take the advantage, make your choice and save your money. Our customer service operators will help you to choose the program that suites your needs the best.
We accept different payment forms: checks, money orders, credit cards.
Our operators are ready to help you 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

City Code Code Name Rate ($)
47 BULGARIA $ 0.1590
48 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
79 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
87 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
88 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
89 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
98 BULGARIA CELL $ 0.1990
Other Codes for BULGARIA $0.1590


If you have any questions,
please contact our Customer Service, we speak English, Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian.